Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Why All the Hate?

Do you wonder, "Why all the hate?"

I do.

People are not speaking to each other because of a preference. Or a political party. Or their values. I really really don't get it. Why? If you like purple, and I prefer yellow, is that a reason why I should quit speaking to you? Anybody who likes purple is hateful, is crazy, shouldn't be allowed to vote, to speak, to live.

Yes, that's how ridiculous it is. Just because I may be a democrat, and you a republican, should we stop speaking to each other? Yellow and purple.

Because you think a wall should be built, and I don't agree, I should quit speaking to you? Yellow and purple.

How about if you prefer blueberries and I like apples? Should we stop speaking? Yellow and purple.

What if I think abortion is wrong and you think it's moral. Do we stop speaking? We stop being neighbors? Does that mean I don't have a right to have a voice in this country? Should YOUR voice be silenced by whatever means, just because we don't agree? Whatever happened to "agreeing to disagree"? Or is it now, you don't agree with me, so you don't have the right to speak. Or vote? Or live.

Yellow and purple.

Whoever the president is, he or she is our president. Let's respect the OFFICE of the presidency. Let's respect our legislators, let's respect our senators. They are people, they are human beings. I think that lots of people who are criminals are getting more respect than a lot of people in our country who haven't broken any laws.

And let's pray for our leaders. They need our prayers, they need our intercession every day. And let's remember the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would have them treat you.

Or else it will all come down to yellow and purple. And don't think that because you're purple that things will go well with you. If things continue, none of us will have any freedom of expression, neither the yellows nor the purples, because, in the end, when there is social chaos, such as the kind that has been engineered in the United States of America for the past decades, the government will step in even more than it already has and will tell you what you're allowed to think, while it takes your hard-earned money to pay for programs we really don't need. But then that's another story.

It's time we think, really think things out. Do we let someone get away with things because they, too, like purple, but if the yellows do it, cry "Bloody murder!" and "Off with their heads!"? The government is trying to tell us what to think, the media is trying to tell us what to think. Are you going with the flow because it's easier, or will you stop and say, "Hey! Something's rotten here!" and calmly make your own decisions?

Just remember, Yellow and Purple.

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