Thursday, December 6, 2018

Virtual Assistant Services


I am a Virtual Assistant.

I worked 10 years for a Fee-for-Service social worker, therefore, I can offer any social worker or visiting nurse the following services:

1. Receive and acknowledge case faxes.
2. Transfer individual case information to an email with a preliminary report template (individual's information and demographics filled in).
3. Prepare a weekly general Patient/Client List with the info from #2 by area. This list will be ready by Friday at 3 PM.
4. Proofread your reports and send to you for approval.
5. Fax your reports to the company.
6. Prepare a list of the reports faxed and send it to you and the referring company.
7. Prepare your invoice for the referring company.

You only have to make the visit and prepare the actual report, no worries about proofreading and tedious lists.

Able to use Word, Excel, Bilingual (English and Spanish).

If you are interested, just leave me a comment below. This site has moderated comments, so you can leave me your information and I'll contact you. Your information will NOT be published on this site.

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