Thursday, August 13, 2009


Came down with something.  Don't know if it's a stomach virus or food poisoning.  I sure feel awful, dizzy, headache, and general achy all over.  No respiratory problems,  though, thanks to the Lord.

I've done a bit of work today, but really, not much.  It's August, I'm in the tropics, but at times I actually feel cold.  I suppose that might be a fever, but then, I'm no medical professional. 

I'm wishing for some of Mom's soup today, but she no longer cooks... Well, back to under the covers for me.  you all stay safe and well.  I'm just reading your entries, nothing else.


Grandma Elsie said...

Enid, I said a prayer for your healing so get better dear.
Let us know when you feel better ok please.
Elsie <><

River Glorious said...

Thanks, Elsie. I will. I peek in because I'm too sick to be lying in bed all day long, but not well enough to be up all the time. The laptop is convenient, I can recline. Thank you again for your praying for me. :)