Monday, July 6, 2009

"BEFORE" Pictures of My Garden

So, this is what's left of my garden, if you want to call it that. Ever since I've been working, and the despots I call "family" don't let me use the large pick (term in English?), my garden has just deteriorated terribly

And this is what I call "jungle grass". I dont' know the correct term for it, unless it's "grievous nuisance." I was pulling some out and now I am itching all over. This grass has tiny hairs, that will stick into you, much like cactus thorns, if you don't know how to pull it out correctly or don't use gloves. I know how to pull it out correctly, so I didn't use gloves. But, I totally forgot myself and one little moment of forgetfulness is costing me now.

The way to get it out is either to wash your arms with warm water, and then use a washcloth gently with the grain of the hair follicles or to put tape or glue, wait for it to thoroughly dry, and then pull them out. Fun fun fun...

You can't tell, but there are Bromelias in bloom in there.

This is what's left of the lemon tree, and another we call "café de la India" which translated would be Indian Coffee. It's not coffee, that I know. Those are ferns down there, which I never planted. I think they are visiting from my neighbor's back yard.

I've nothing to say about the next two pictures...

Lady, as always, hangs around just in case someone wants to pet her. I usually don't because I am The Cook, and I've no penchant for Chile con Carne with dog hairs... (Ugh!)

So, these are the "Before" pictures. I'm hoping that at some time this year, there will be some nice "After" pictures.

Thanks for taking a look.

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Grandma Elsie said...

Looks like you had /have some pretty stuff in there Enid.
Mine also is pitiful this year .I might just go take some pictures and post as you have ...thanks for sharing your nature with me.
Elsie <><