Sunday, September 21, 2008

Children's Book

So, I just found a group of stories I wrote for my kids in 2003, called "Charles and Me". I had to smile, because at bedtime my kids, and the youngest is now 15, always wanted a story, either read or made up by me.

I had special stories for them, with characters that were similar to them, and I so enjoyed seeing their faces when they realized the story was about THEM! Their eyes would become so bright and then they'd smile and laugh and say, "Mom! You're telling about US!!!" Of course, I would say, "No, this is about Tommy, Timmy, and Tina, not about you three." I guess the twinkle in my eyes always gave me away. angel

So, when someone from Crochet Partners, Dori Chaconas, I believe her name is, posted her site, which is about writing, I got to wondering if I should publish my stories. Actually, I am wondering if anybody would care to read them at all. whistling I only wrote them for my own children.

I'm writing them out again, correcting a few things, and going email them to one of my web email addys so I don't lose the work.

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