Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Happy with a new car and sundries

Son #1 bought a new car. It's all his. Well, his and the bank's! haha!  I'm proud of him and thank God that he's able to pay for it. Here he is, looking at me like, "Mom, really? Taking a picture of me? Really?" He had just got home from work and come to raid my fridge again. I don't mind at all, it means I get to see him.

Today is a very windy day, and I wish I were at the beach. I just finished working, and unless there's some document to proofread, I'm free to do the odds and ends I'm always promising myself I'm going to do "tomorrow".  Praise God that I can do some housework, and hopefully, prepare some dinner tonight, probably soup, for the menfolk. I'm blessed!

Plus tonight is the Bible teaching, very happy about that. We're studying Psalms, and it is NOT easy, so much more when you get into the history and the meaning of the original Hebrew.

Back to checking emails, in case some new work came in and then off to do a Tomorrow Chore.


Le-Teisha said...

Congratulations son #1

River Glorious said...

I'll be sure to tell him so!