Friday, August 14, 2009

Shawl With the Pretty Blue Yarn

I've decided to make a shawl with my blue yarn. It told me it really wants to go to New York with my black shoes and black blouse, so I said it may.

I experimented with it, and tried making a granny triangle shawl, but it looked horrid. I tried adding another yarn to it, very thin acrylic black yarn, something between baby weight and sport weight, but it was too much black, and it just didn't look right. Too much black, and too much space between stitches, and I tried many stitches, believe you me!

Finally, I decided that I needed to just do something quick and simple, so I'm going to just do double crochets, starting with a foundationless double crochet, just in case I want to do a moebius shawl, so that there will be some give to it. Otherwise, it will just be double crochets back and forth, because the beauty is in the yarn and the shimmery colors it has under the moonlight, not in a busy pattern. It would just kill the yarn.

Here is a lovely crochet shawl by Bonnie Pierce:

and a knitted one, which is also pretty:

After this, I shall tackle one for Fearless Boss's little mother. I really MUST make one, in case I go to New York. But, if my fear of boarding a plane only to have it suddenly drop out of the sky prevails, then I'll mail it to him instead!

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