Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Original Half Granny Square Pattern

Half Granny Square Instructions (Also known as the Granny Triangle)
© 2002 by Ambar E. Rivera
This is the original pattern, with MY instructions, that I wrote out myself.  Please do not post to any other web page. You may make one copy for your personal use only. This is great for a shawl, for completing a square, and for covering up your hair.  :)
Worsted weight yarn and a size J hook, or any other weight and hook to suit your needs.
Shell = 3 double crochet in space indicated.
Corner = Shell, chain 2, shell in Chain-2 space.
Chain 4.
Slip stitch in first chain to form a circle.
ROUND 1- Chain 3, make 3 double crochet in the ring, chain 2, then four more double crochet. CHAIN 3 and turn.
ROUND 2- Make 3 double crochet IN BETWEEN the first and second double crochet of the previous row. Skip three double crochet, work in your chain 2 space the following: (Shell, chain 2, Shell), SKIP NEXT 3 double crochet, make 4 double crochet in the space BETWEEN the 3rd AND 4TH double crochet. Chain 3 and turn.
[Add a shell right where the pen is, between the 1st and 2nd double crochet.]

ROUND 3- Make 3 double crochet in space between first and second stitches, skip 3 double crochet, make a shell in the space between double crochets, skip 3 more double crochet, and work in your Chain-2 space the following: (Shell, chain 2, Shell). Skip next 3 double crochet, shell in space between double crochet,, skip next 3 double crochet, shell + 1 double crochet in same space. Chain 3 and turn.
ROUND 4- Skipping 1st double crochet, shell in space between double crochets. Work (*skip next shell, make shell in next space between shells*) until you reach the Chain-2 space, then repeat from * to * until you get to the lastshell+1 group. Skip first 3 double crochet, then shell in between this and the last double crochet. Skip next 3 double crochet, shell + 1 double crochet in same space. Chain 3 and turn.

You will now notice a pattern forming, where the beginning of each round starts with a group of 4 double crochet, and you make your familiar groups of 3 dc (double crochet) as in a basic granny square.
Continue working in established pattern until you finish the triangle you want. You can make a shawl if you use about 14 ounces of worsted weight yarn, including fringe. Or make a pretty edge to it. Anyway, you now know how to make a granny triangle! :o)

Jesus loves the little children.....


Sharon said...

Thank you for posting this! I keep forgetting how to make these triangles, so now I have the pattern!

Your Crochet Partner,

A Musician by Grace

debbi said...

Have you ever started with the "corner" and worked your way out... sort of inverted from making the half square this way as you've shown?


River Glorious said...

You're thinking of the one-quarter granny:

if I'm not mistaken.