Monday, July 7, 2008

Crochet Terms in Portuguese by Beatriz Medina

correntinha - corr - chain stitch - ch
Ponto baixíssimo - pbs or pbxmo - slip stitch - sl st
Ponto baixo - pb - single crochet - sc
Ponto caranquejo - reverse single crochet - Reverse sc
Meio ponto alto - mpa - half double crochet - hdc
Ponto alto - pa - double crochet - dc
Ponto alto duplo - pad - treble crochet - tr
Ponto alto triplo - pat - double treble crochet - dtr
Ponto alto quadruplo - paq - triple treble crochet - tr tr
Ponto alto em relevo (pa pegando pela frente) - front post double
crochet - FPdc
Ponto alto em relevo (pa pegando por trás) - back post double crochet - BPdc
2 ponto alto cruzados - X-Stitch - X-Stitch
picô de 3 corr - 3-chain picot - 3-ch picot
2 pontos baixos juntos / diminuição de dois pb / dim - 2-single crochet
cluster/decrease - 2-sc dec
3 pontos baixos juntos - 3-single crochet cluster/decrease - 3-sc dec
2 pontos baixos no mesmo ponto / aumento / aum - 2-single crochet
increase - 2-sc inc
3 pontos baixos no mesmo ponto - 3-single crochet increase - 3-sc inc
3 pontos altos juntos / diminuição / dim - 3-double crochet
cluster/decrease - 3-dc dec
3 pontos altos no mesmo ponto / aum 2 pa - 3-double crochet increase -
3-dc inc
Grupo de 3 pontos altos - 3-double crochet puff - 3-dc puff
Ponto pipoca – grupo de 5 pontos altos - borboto - 5-double crochet
popcorn - 5-dc pop

Laçada - YO
enfiar a agulha /inserir a agulha - insert hook
agulha / agulha de crochê - crochet hook
Arrematar - fasten off
virar / virar o trabalho - turn / turn the work
fazer - make


yasmin said...

I like your blog very much.I´m Portuguese, living in the USA for short time and I´m catholic.I think highly of you,you love God so much.And your works in crochet are good,I appreciate them.Congratulations!
Orlanda Hayley

brenoreo said...

Thank you so much for your list of crochet terms. I have a pattern in Portuguese that I want so badly, but have been unable to understand. I hope the above work. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

River Glorious said...

You're welcome to both! I've seen some very nice patterns, esp. at the Pingouin (sp?) site that I'm wanting to try, too. :)


Anonymous said...

Hola Enid

How are you? I heard that you were very sad and I was wondering how you're feeling now?

I'm working on crocheting a baby dress and also a aghfan, also known as a throw.

Abrazasitos y besitos


Denice said...

Thank you for this translation!

Would m.p. be half double crochet also?

River Glorious said...

that would be mpa. I'm not Portuguese nor from Brazil, so I don't really know. if it doesn't make sense to you in a pattern, there are people in

who know the language and can help you. Or, write back to me and I'll ask them.


Satu said...

thank you for the glossary, I just found a beautiful crochet jacket pattern online and was gutted it being only in Portuguese -this will help lots! tank you! :)

Stellinha said...

Thank you so much for posting these terms, I have Portuguese patterns and and would like to make them but had difficulty making without a diagram.
God Bless you


Trisha Howard said...

You have a great blog and I can't believe my good fortune in finding you! God is good, all the time. I came across a free pattern recently that is just simply beautiful, but I can't read a word of it. Even with the aid of Google Translate I am completely lost. Would you please take a look and see if you can understand it? Thank you!

River Glorious said...

I don't know Portuguese. I mean, I do, a little, but not enough to claim it as a 2nd language! :)

That said, I can take a look at the pattern after church as see if I understand it. I already peeked at it, and saw that it says to make the motifs and to join them with a slip stitch, if I'm not mistaken.

Beatriz Medina, the author of the glossary in this post, can probably help you better. I'll see what I can do to explain it to you and if Beatriz can help me in the hard places.

River Glorious said...


If you like, send me another comment with you email address. I won't publish it. Beatriz contacted me quickly and said I could give you her addy.

marion nock said...

I love your crochet work i woud like very much to try it.
cannot translate Marion

River Glorious said...

Hello, Marion. I don't know Portuguese very well, this is a list provided by someone from Crochet Partners:

It's a large group, and the topic is crochet, and only crochet. And there are all sorts of people on the list, beginners, intermediates, designers, you name it. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this.

I am finally able to translate a pattern just in time for Valentine's day from
vivianeartes.blogspot. com - March 12, 2009

R Adams said...

Thank you so much for the translation from Brazilian to English Terms in crochet. It will help me immensely! Thank you over and over again!

Be Blessed Every Day!

Anonymous said...


Could you please help me to translate this pattern? Thank you!

River Glorious said...

I really don't know Portuguese, I just posted what a Crochet Partner posted on the forum, in case someone needed them. Sorry I can't help you. If I find someone who can translate it, I'll post it here.

lynn said...

Please can someone tell me what stokes means? Or was it strokes in portuguese.

River Glorious said...

Lynn, I have no idea what stokes means- not a term I've seen in English nor Portuguese. This translation was made by a fellow crocheter who is in Brazil, and Portuguese is her native language. I don't know it much, but published it here to be helpful.

Vicky Morrell said...

Can you tell me if this a Portuguese patter?

River Glorious said...

Croché is the Portuguese term for crochet. 🙂