Sunday, February 1, 2015

He Set Out to Buy a Vacuum...

He came home with a new TV stand. 

And a TV, large TV. 

And spent half the night putting everything together, and removing the old stuff. I had to place my delicate sea shells in the dining room hutch. Nothing broke.

He also came home with the Back to the Future triology, "to break in the new TV" and because, "it's the year 2015!!!"

And yes, Eddie bought a vacuum cleaner. A weird vacuum cleaner that travels on its own about the house, vacuuming by itself. Well well well...


We're now watching the Super Bowl. I like watching the commercials and Eddie makes his living mostly from recording audio for commercials. But our local NBC is transmitting local commercials instead of the Super Bowl ones. Boring. Botheration.

Fearless Boss sent a list of 13 patients and needs their prelims. Well, I can't say 'no' or else I'll be looking for another client very very soon. At least Alex came over and fixed the screen settings on the new TV, which Eddie said he needed to watch the Super Bowl. 

love struck love struck love struck
He looked so angelic I pretended that I believed his pretending. And then he pretended that my pretending wasn't because he was pretending, so I pretended to believe that, too.
love struck love struck love struck


Lois Evensen said...

I love it. I've been through some of those grand installations, too, so I identify.

We didn't watch the Super Bowl. To My Honey "football" means something else and we don't watch that either.

We spent the evening with our 18 year old granddaughter talking about life, reality, and everything. That was much better than any football, no matter how you define it. :)

River Glorious said...

Spending time with your grandchild is a treasure. Wish I could see mine right now. :)