Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Disappointed in The Doctors TV

I am watching a taped program of The Doctors TV.  Normally I like it, but this episode is disturbing, because Dr. Lisa stated,

"In the 1900's we didn't have contraception and STD protection so you really had to wait. Now women are sexually liberated and this is a good thing, it's a positive thing for our intimacy later on."

A little later she added,

"When a girl wants to have sex, she should feel that that's a good thing, and not that she's a "good girl gone bad."

This is all wrong, in my opinion.  I think sex should be reserved for marriage, marriage to a man, and THAT is when she and her future husband should give up their virginity.  It belongs to your future spouse. Every time you have sex, you are giving of yourself to someone.  You are becoming one with that person, and you give up a part of yourself with that person.

We treat sex so lightly, so flippantly, instead of treasuring it as a gift you are saving for your spouse.

After watching this program, I am so disappointed.  The audience applauded, but honestly, it was not as enthusiastic as it usually is.  Don't encourage girls to have sex when they think they're ready.  As a mother, I wouldn't say that to my daughter.  What if she thinks she's ready when she's 12?  Do I give her a condom, talk to her about the so-called "safe sex" which isn't really, and then let her go off, because she thinks she's ready?  Her brain hasn't finished developing, even at 15.  Teens change their minds almost daily, and unless her parents are willing to risk their daughter getting an STD, lack of self esteem, raising a grandchild or two or three as their own, so their own kid who isn't finished cooking, can finish school, then they should talk about abstinence.  There is something wonderful when you follow God's plan for sex.  After all, He created it, He invented it, so anything He cares to say about it is worth paying attention to.

And that's all I have to say about that.

(for now.)


Lois Evensen said...

I'm with you.

Alipurr said...

I totally agree with you. Great post. (Found your blog through crochet partners yahoo group :) )