Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tremor Here in Puerto Rico

We just had a big tremor here on the island.  I was closing the sliding doors in front of the house and they started to move back and forth right in my hands, as if an 18 wheeler were passing me by.  I just got email saying that GMAIL rejected my previous email.  Facebook is all excited here, agog with the news.  Even people who were asleep were woken up by this, and it seems a lot of people are still shaken and afraid, especially those who live in condominiums.

All of Puerto Rico is reporting that they felt it, Bayamón, Arecibo, Mayagüez, Carolina, Fajardo, just everywhere.  It was scary, I thought this door might break in my hands and Ambar's eyes looked like saucers.

Good night and God's blessings.  I'm glad there were no major damages.  


Power Up Love said...

When you say big tremor that sounds fairly serious. That can defiantly shake you up...

charlie Lamboy said...

oh yea! I felt it here to in Caguas, Bairoa area. It was about 1:15am, I thought It was thunder at first, Then it kept shaking for a constant 30 to 40 seconds that got my attention got up and was getting ready to race to the streets...And thoughts of Haiti raced through my mind! Wow! What an experience that was! Have a great day all!

Lois Evensen said...

I'm glad you are OK and hope there are no more tremors or worse. :( Yes, very scary. We have had small tremors where I live, but only about every 10 years apart and most people don't even feel them. I visited Los Angeles right after a big one once and could see the power of earth quakes first hand.

Stay safe, my friend,


River Glorious said...

It was just that one tremor, no more, thanks to the Lord. But Eddie says there is a road, part of it, in Cayey (in the mountains, town beyond where my church in Caguas is) that crumbled. Some people say that their stuff fell off shelves, too.

Me, I just thanked the Lord it was not more serious.