Friday, October 2, 2009


Here is Missy, a cat that Honorable Son #1 saved and Honorable Son #2 claimed as his own.  She is the epitome of "fraidy cat". Really.  She is afraid of everything.

On the home front, I have stuck in this house for week and finally decided to go out today with my DD, to Borders.  I did not imagine that Borders would have a sort of demonstration of some sort of religion called yoga and without warning any of the patrons, had incense burning.  I wanted to run out screaming, instead, I bought a book I had no intension of buying, and left quickly.  That was so inconsiderate.  No thought for asthmatics, or allergy sufferers at all.  I can't believe it at all.  It spoiled my outing since, once I get one of these attacks which mimic asthma attacks, exposure to any other allergen could have me gasping for breath even worse than today.

Totally unfair and uncool.

Well, here is Missy.  BTW, I'm allergic to cats.

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Grandma Elsie said...

People like that don't seem to care whether they have patrons or not.. I hate the stuff .. I also am allergic ....
my dd has lots of cats.
Elsie >?>