Monday, July 27, 2009

Yarn From England, with Love

Here's the yarn that Maralyn D. from England sent me. I've never had such a fine yarn, but am at a loss of how to use it. I only know that I would like a pretty shawl to go with some black clothes I have.

The white fuzzy stuff there is really like a rainbow, not white. The yarn looks better in person (how can a yarn be in person, though?) than in photos, and is thick in some places and lots thinner in others. So, I am thinking of combining it with Lustersheen acrylic to make it more manageable.

Thanks for looking.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful, a shawl would be lovely using this. LOL my 3 year old just said "Oh Mommy buy that and make me a blanket." So it must be beautiful considering the fact that she claims that she only like purple and blue is a yucky color. LOL

sharecropper said...

I used some white yarn similar to this on large needles (US15 - 10mm, I think) to make a shawl and it turned out so beautiful - did not need a filler yarn - but then I live in coastal North Carolina so I don't need warm things.