Sunday, June 7, 2009

Crocheted Potholder... And So It Goes

And so it goes... I made this potholder (crochet) and was excited about it.  And now, here is its demise, at the hands of ONE of the Eddies of this house, whether it was Big Eddie or Little Eddie, the world might never know. 

All I *do* know is that it was at the hands of one of the Eddies that it died, when one of them heated pizza bagels in the oven and used the potholder to retrieve his dinner.  

Oh well, potholders are meant to be used, so I'm glad they were using it.  Sort of wish it had lasted a little longer, since the colors of my kitchen, red, brown, and cream, make me happy.  Something about this combination just satisfies something inside me.

You really can't appreciate the red here, but it's there and after many years of having mismatched things, 2 Christmases ago I was finally able to look at my kitchen and think that it looks nice.

Well, I hope I can find some more red yarn that will match.  This was cotton, but perhaps an acrylic will do.  It won't serve as a hot pad, but I have wooden trivets for that, another thing that is, as Mom says, "good for the soul."  Thanks for reading this.



Cathy Champion said...

At least your potholder lost it's life doing it's duty. The potholders in the Champion household all die shortly after their "birth" and before they've done their duty due to the six cats in our household.

Anything made of yarn is considered fair game to these felines, even sweaters are apt to lose an arm or two when attacked my these monsters (oddly, my sweatshirts remained unharmed).

Skeins and balls of yarn are usually full of cat spit and hair if I don't keep them hidden in a bag or other container. My only guess about the made up items is that they are trying to uncrochet them back into skeins!

Shall we assume that your Eddies give you the innocent look that says "who, ME?" when you ask who did this? That's what my cats do.

Oh well, at least you'll have a reason to buy more yarn!

Cathy in Fenton, MO USA

Barbara said...

That doesn't look like hot pan damage - that looks like it touched a live flame. I say get the bright lights on the two Eddies and grill them (figuratively, not literally) and find out what REALLY happened. RIP red potholder. Busha

Norma said...

While I'm sorry about your potholder, and hoping you can indeed find another red that goes well in your kitchen, I had to chuckle at the circumstances of the demise of your item.

It puts me in mind of what would usually take place in my house when I was growing up. Six kids, all denying they had anything to do with the disappearance, destruction or otherwise demise of any and all items broken, wrecked or lost. My dad's response to all of us, after having lined us up and grilled us about the particular item in question was "Well, I guess the DOG did it then."

Norma in Louisville, Kentucky
Still laughing!