Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Changed My Mind Again, It's My Prerogative! ;)

So, here I am again, wanting to make a shawl, not of my own design, and am now trying THIS ONE:

It's easy, mindless, but again, a mistake in the pattern, like the other two.  This one says to chain 70, and then single crochet in second chain from hook to the end.  But, if you do this, and follow the instructions in Row 2, you will have 2 stitches left over.  

Some people do the chainless foundation.  Others chain and do the first row, finish off, and then start over with the second row.  The beauty of this is that if you need more stitches, you can add them, and if you have too many, like I did, then you just go ahead and not work them.

I am so tired these days that mindless crochet is just what I want.  Moreover, I think this pattern would look nice with a thinner yarn.  I'm using Red Heart Super Saver, same Light Raspberry, instead of Caron's Simply Soft, but as I make this shawl, I think it would look nice with Coats and Clark Lustersheen, too.  I would simply add more chains and work to the width I want my shawl.

Let me know your thoughts, either here or via email.



Busy Grandma Elsie said...

Enid ,this is a beautiful shawl.I have been wanting to make myself one and I think I will try this pattern. I have some Caron in white but I bet it would drape better in sport weight yarn ..
Elsie <><

River Glorious said...

Well, this, if I like it that much, will be for Fearless Boss's mother, so I am hoping it will come out well. :) I made myself a shawl with Simply Soft some years ago and it's my favorite. I used my half granny pattern and added some single crochet rows to make it interesting.

Let me know if you make this shawl and how you like the pattern.