Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Don't Watch Action/Thriller/Suspense Movies and I Hate Roosters

No, this is not a catchy phrase.  It's the plain truth.

I don't watch action movies, or thriller movies, or suspense movies.  My life is full of excitement, really I have enough as it is and don't want someone's fake excitement making me stay awake at night.  Which is where the rooster comes in.

I hate roosters.  I really do.  They keep me awake at night just like one of those movies.  They crow at all hours of the night.  My neighbor, for reasons known only to himself, and understood by nobody, decided to get a rooster.   We live in the suburbs, not the country, for Pete's sake!  Sometimes That Stupid Rooster will crow at 1 a.m., at 2 a.m., at 4 a.m. for over half an hour.  Which is where the action, thriller, suspense movies come in.  I've decided to name that rooster.

His name is Bill.

And, in case you don't get it, there's an equally stupid movie called "Kill Bill".  That's why I named the rooster "Bill". 


P.S.  Every time I send someone to the grocery store, I make sure to include in the list One Rooster Shooter, but they haven't brought one back.

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Busy Grandma Elsie said...

Enid, you are so funny,,, I too hate such movies and absolutely will not watch any part of one.love u friend,
Did u get my email ?
Elsie <><