Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Economy

What we REALLY need to do is:

1- Quit spending money we don't have (credit cards and loans)

2- Save 3-6 months worth of salary in case of emergencies

3- Vote out people who are legislating "tax stimulus" packages. Just WHERE do you think that money is coming from? It's either from the taxpayer, in other words, YOU! Either that, or they will just print more money. Know what happens when the government prints more money? I do: inflation. Prices go up up up, while your salary stays the same.

4- Downgrade. You don't need that new car. Overhaul and fix your current one. You don't need new clothes. Fashions are an illusion. Just buy what you REALLY need. You also don't need that large house or apartment. You *can* downgrade.

5- Put some, not all, extra money in treasury bonds, or something equally secure. I know, it's the government, but it's more secure than, say, Wall Street?

6- Don't buy on impulse. Plan what you need, then make a list and buy according to your list. Eat a snack before you buy groceries. You don't need a new purse, and no, honey, you don't need a new saw, either.

7- Finally, make a plan and stick to it as much as possible. Start getting out of debt, you deserve financial freedom! See what your expenses are, and compare it to your income. Find out where the hole is, and try and see how it can be fixed. If you need to get a second job for a while, go ahead. There are many part time jobs available.

And yes, I did write these out all by myself. I'm not a politician, nor a speaker, but I DO think things out. I think that if we become more savers and less spenders, then we, as a nation, will become great again, truly great.

God bless you!

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