Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Honeymoon Pic

This is one of my favorite pictures. Eddie made a Formula One car out of sand and someone took a picture of us,and here

we were saying that Jesus is #1. That was a great day!

My father had died just a few short months before, and I had to borrow a dress, borrow a veil, slip, jewelry, bathing suit, going away dress. The only thing I had that was mine were my shoes and my underchothes. Oh, and my dignity! We couldn't even afford a reception, so the church had a potluck for us. Even though weddings are important, the marriage is MORE important. I couldn't see my way into going into debt for thousands of dollars just for a wedding and then not being able to barely live and eat for years afterwards. Just didn't make sense to me, so like the story, Stone Soup, said, 'What we can't have, we must do without!"

"And they lived contentedly ever after."

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