Saturday, May 31, 2008

Crochet for Men

If you want to crochet for a man in your life, check out this list I'm compiling. I'm getting ideas from Crochet Partners and anywhere on the net where I can find them. When possible, I'm including a link. Also, any man who would like to suggest something, or even say that something here isn't a good idea, may comment. If there are any links that don't work, try putting it into the Wayback Machine: and see if you can get the pattern any.

I'll be adding more as I find them, and links, too.

Thanks for looking.

1. Bath set Zig Zag Bath Set

2. Afghan
Textured throw
Crocheted Cables
Airplane Square 1
Airplane Square #2 (this square would be great as the center of a single crochet sweater)
Airplane Square #4
Helicopter Square

3. Lapghan (wheelchair)
Darn Dye Lot Lapghan
Ripple Lapghan (I would use less colors or one color with different tones)
Basketweave Lapghan by Kim

4. Armchair holder for the remote control(s).
Make sure it matches the arm chair, preferably, that it blends in.

5. Sweater, plain, no fancy stitches and no holes.
Dickey (turtleneck part of a sweater)
Big Man's Sweater
Ye Old Letter Sweater (you have to figure it out for your size)
Crocheted Vest (this is a pdf)
6. Brimmed hat and scarf set

7. Hat
Camo Earflap Hat (knitted)
Winter Ski Hat
Block Letter Beanie
Skater Beanie Pattern

8. Headband, for those who either
prefer headbands or are too macho
to wear a hat. I'll try and post my pattern later on.
Easy Ribbed Headband

9. Golf club holders

10. Long shower scrubbie


12. Bookmark
DAD Bookmark

13. An iPod holder;
Palm Pilot Case

14. Cell phone cover, in very small stitches

15. Cotton cloth to dry car
Textured cloth
Sturdy Scrub Cloth

16. Coasters
Footfall Coaster


18. Water Bottle Carrier
From recycled bags. You can make it with cotton yarn, too.
Water Bottle Carrier- continue in pattern w/o the flower rounds
Can cozy (don't tell him it's a "cozy"

19. Stadium Blanket

20. Windshield Wiper Bug scrub
21. Fingerless gloves


Vashti Braha said...

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Here is a link for men's socks to add to your list: