Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some Thoughts...

We tend, many times, to believe what we've been taught, either by our parents or teachrs, or peers, when we're teens. Like that stupid notion that if I shaved that awful little hair off of my chin, that it would grow back blacker and thicker than ever. THAT'S a myth.

I had believed in God when I was a kid, but at some point, I had started to NOT believe in Him. Like, He was the figment of someone's imaginations and stuff like that.

One day I went to a church and realized that I was wrong. They didn't have a religion, they had a RELATION-ship, with Jesus Christ, God's Son. By then I was exploring this God thing, and listening to several sources, including Islam, the Jehovah's Witnesses, etc. Baha'i and Hinduism, and others just didn't seem to make sense to me. I wanted truth, and was searching for the Truth, not just teachings.

I came to the conclusion that God exists. Yes, but did I believe that Jesus Christ was His Son? Hmmm.... Yes, I could believe it. It seemed odd to me to send your own son to die for others, but people do that, don't they? Not intensionally, knowing practically from birth, but yes, you as a policeman or fireman or armed services person know that you might be called to give your life for someone, and you'll do it. It's your job.

So, yes, I could believe that Jesus Christ died in MY place. Yes, I could. When I was a young woman I finally did something about it. I did NOT have an "experience with God" nor did I "ask Him into my heart", nor did I cry at the altar.

I asked for forgiveness, and asked Him to let me be His daughter. And that I would serve Him. And yes, come into my heart, but now I know that it's not really that...

I had believed in God before, but NOW I believed for salvation... It was/is a saving belief, one that changed ME. I've never been the same since.

Then science started to confuse me, because science was telling me that evolution was the cause of everything, and not God. Again, I learned something after investigating the facts. Evolution is faith-based. You have to have a presupposition that out of nothing there was a Big Bang and out of that nothingness came planets and stars and finally, goo. And from that goo, YOU!

I realized that both, Creation and evolution presuppose something. There's no arguing that because we have THE SAME FACTS. What changes is what YOU believe happened first. Think about it.

The more I study evolution, the more confusing it becomes to me, especially since they change their theories when they discover more evidence that doesn't fit in with their first theories.

I read the Word of God. I realize that it doesn't contain all of the answers to the questions I have, but it DOES contain something, how to have Eternal Life. There IS no other name, given to men, in which we can have salvation. Jesus did it on the cross, and "it was finished".

Eventually I'll write out more of my thoughts on this, and you're welcome to comment, if you're polite.

Thanks for reading this!


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