Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cell Phone Holder (July 23, 2005)

Here's a pic of the cell phone holder I made. The ones out there don't have a window, and I like to be able to see the time w/o having to take it out. And, I can see who is calling me if I haven't assigned the person a specific ringer. Image All that's missing is a border of Fun Fir or RH Lofty.

In case you're wondering why it seems to be so long, it's because at first it had a drawstring for closing, but it takes SOOOO long to undo it and get the phone out! I missed a lot of calls that way, and I'm too lazy to undo that just to shorten it. I simply removed the drawstring, and hey, it doesn't bother me, so don't let it bother you, haha! Okay, seriously, one of these days I'm going to write out the pattern. I made it using C&C Lustersheen.

Hope you have a great day and that the Lord Jesus Christ blesses you.

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