Thursday, August 10, 2017

I Like Charlie's Soap


I use it for laundry, for pre-washing, if I'm out of dish washing liquid, to clean the bathroom. If it's dirty, I can use Charlie's Soap.

I just read this article:

from their newsletter. I know about dust mites, but from one Monk to another, imagine my horror! ICK AND EEK!

I do wash our pillows, but I'm guilty of washing most laundry in cold water. From now on, the pillows and bed clothes will be washed in hot water and of course, with the Charlie's Soap. For those of us who are sensitive or allergic to corn, this is a blessing. No skin irritation, no itching in my eyes, no nasty fumes or perfumes. It's just laundry soap. It does the job and then some. And that's all I want from it.

(The usual disclaimers: I don't work for them, just one happy customer.)

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