Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Corned Today and Looking for Yarn for a Crochet WIM

I feel so badly corned and have no pain killers.  Iwish a pian killer would actually KILL the pain, forever.
I want to make this:
for my 25 year-old daughter. She hinted she wanted one, to have fun at the preschool with the children. Maybe, if I can get the yarn, I can make little ornaments for the kiddies to take home. I'm looking for a yarn I can use, I have burgundy, and can find off-white, but the grayish color, or brownish color, of the main part of the hat, have no idea where to get it, ohter than the internet.
If anybody has a good source, please let me know.
For now, I'm going back to bed. I took a mixture of herbs today, to get rid of an infection. and then fried 3 eggs for my breakfash. I hope they didn't wash the eggs in a corny wash b/c that means I would have less to eat.
Heaven, in Heaven, there will be no pain. This place is just a pause in Eternity. Amén.

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