Saturday, April 21, 2012

What I've Been Up To... Crochet Afghan

I think I will add this afghan to the Heritage Chest, and make 2 more, one for each of my children's future baby.  Thanks for peeking in.

I've been busy here, trying to make it through each day as best as I can, and searching to alternatives to foods I used to eat.  Today I bought something called quinoa flakes, and am hoping it will serve me instead of cream of wheat, which I'm unable to find unless it's "corn-taminated."  Sigh.  Why is corn in everything?  A friend said it right when she stated that "Corn allergy is very much like any other allergy EXCEPT THAT CORN IS OVERUSED IN OUR SOCIETY." And THAT is what is happening to those of us who suffer from this allergy, which, by the way, is not a rare allergy as we've been (mis)informed.  It so happens it's an allergy that is underdiagnosed.



Lois Evensen said...

What a pretty afghan! Love that one.

So sorry to hear you are still having problems finding something you can eat. :(

Big hugs,

River Glorious said...

Just have to find some "friendly" yeast to start some baking and start feeling better, Lois. :)

Thanks for peeking in!

SJ Scott said...

I sympathize with your problems getting corn free food! We can't have anything dairy product in our food, and believe me, nonfat milk, caseine and when are everywhere!

Love your beautiful blanket!

River Glorious said...

I'm beginning to think I can't have dairy, either. I sure hope I'm wrong, though.

Thanks for peeking in. :)