Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just Something to Think About the Proposed Healthcare

I've been reading about Healthcare, and it continues to concern me that the government is wanting to push this legislation through too quickly without seriously studying the matter and finding out the consequences of this bill.  It is going to be disastrous for the country, but don't look for it to explode immediately.  This will explode a little later, say 2013 and on.  And, mark my words, Medicare will be used to pay for the Medicaid benefits.  It's like we say here, you're taking away the clothes of one child to put it on another.  It is not good business, and from what I understand, not everybody is going to have coverage ANYWAY.

I pray the Lord will open the eyes of our leaders, give them wisdom, and teach them patience.  We don't need healthcare right now.  We need rational human beings to take over, study the case, look to see what states have already done that ALREADY WORK, like, say, Utah, and then begin to implement this honestly, with the budget we already have.  Why get more into debt to China?

Thanks for reading this, and if you're still here, take a look at what arrived in an email today.


Fact #23: The Sad State(s) of ObamaCare

Under Sen. Harry Reid's legislation, states would be required to expand Medicaid eligibility anywhere from 133-150% above the federal poverty limit. The Congressional Budget Office estimates this mandate to the states would drain state coffers by $25 billion. Obviously, this is causing some great concern to state governors from both political parties. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York State Governor David Patterson wrote a letter to the two New York Senators fearful that Senator Reid's bill" could add close to $1 billion annually in new State Medicaid costs to New York , with serious implications for already strained State and City budgets." New York State has one of the most liberal Medicaid policies in the United States, and in these tough economic times, they're saving money by rationing care for women in the state seeking cancer screenings. And the Democrats in Congress hope to solve the problem by increasing the burden on all 50 states?
** How secret are the health care negotiations? Even the Left is locked out, according to Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), the second highest Democrat in the Senate. He complained to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on the Senate floor, saying, "I'm in the dark almost as much as he is, and I'm in the leadership." To read more, visit The Cloakroom Blog for today's post, "The Gang That Couldn't Legislate Straight." **
*** What does Copenhagen 's climate conference have to do with abortion? Click on Ken Blackwell's new Townhall op-ed, "A Modest Proposal," to find out! ***

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