Friday, October 2, 2009

My Shawl

My daughter is modeling the shawl.  I only need to weave in the ends after the single crochet border.  After experimenting with different stitches, like treble crochet, double crochet, granny square triangle, half double crochets, I decided that this shawl had to be as simple as possible in order to show off the lovely yarn.  It's just too busy to in itself to show off combination of stitches, so, with a Size H Susan Bates hook, I made this shawl using double crochet only.

Nothing else, just double crochets.  It shows off the yarn's beauty, and when I needed to unravel, was able to do so fairly easily.

Thanks for looking at my shawl and for the compliments for my daughter.


Original post with the yarn
Details of the yarn:
Distribuido por COATS
Vila Nova de Gaia - Portugal
93% Acrylic
7% Nylon
50  G
Made in Great Britain.


Anonymous said...

It's looking real good, and so is your daughter (hope her name isn't Enid too). And... it's my favorite color too. Show us when it is all done.
Good work. Enid

Anonymous said...

Love the color; your daughter is lovely, too.

cay said...

Lovely! Both your daughter and the shawl. What yarn did you use? Cay

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is pretty, and by the way so is your


River Glorious said...

Cay, this yarn was a gift from England. I'll put the original post with the information about it as a link "up there". :)

Grandma Elsie said...

Wow I love it. Didn't think DC could look so good.. the yarn and color must be what makes it. Looks good on your beautiful daughter Enid,
I know , its warm there and I am getting out long sleeves etc here. brrr...

River Glorious said...

Elsie, we're melting here. It's 92ºF, feels like 104º. 48 sounds impossible! :D

About double crochets, one thing I've learned well, through experience and observation: a "busy" yarn, such as variegated or this one, which looks like a combination of homespun and thread, calls for a simple stitch, or else you end up with a mess. Simple yarns can go either way, complicated stitching or a plain pattern, depending on what you are making.

Thanks for taking a look, everybody!