Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I've Known That "Global Warming" Is a Scare Tactic, But Now...

I've known for some time that so-called "Global Warming" is not true, in the sense that it is being promoted (please forgive my English here), but now I'm reading that other people, deciding not to bow down to the politically correct pressure of climatic alarmists, are also being vocal about it.

Here's an article to consider:

I am actually old enough to remember the panic about the coming Ice Age and wondering as a child where in the world could we live, since I hated the cold and "didn't want to die". Do some research, and check out what many scientists are saying. Celebrities, well, that's what they are, mostly because they sing, or act, or are rich, or talk a lot on TV, but that does not mean they are experts. It only means they are passionate, for the moment, about what they are talking about.

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