Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stuck at Home Instead of in Church

Well, friends, I'm stuck here at home instead of in church right now. I started to get a terrible allergy attack (they mimic ashma attacks) a few minutes before going to the car. Suddenly, I realized it's because my youngest son had put hairspray on and it was killing me.

You know, we were late and I wasn't breathing well, and I just COULDN'T, just COULDN'T tell my son it was because of him. I just couldn't. So, I'm here, reading emails, and am going to listen to a teaching from one of my best friends, Timothy. I'm already listening to the 2nd in the Christocentricity Series. Timothy really really loves the Lord!

I might listen to a teaching from Love Worth Finding, too. Pastor Rogers went to be with the Lord a couple of years back, but I'm blessed to be able to hear recordings of his sermons.

I think that I might do some crocheting later- a hat for a friend who is undergoing chemotherapy. Here's the link of the hat I'd like to make her:

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Spooky said...

OMGosh! I totally have that pattern printed out waiting for me to make it for DD! How funny :)