Monday, September 15, 2008

Lots of rain in PR yesterday

Yesterday, coming home from church, we saw a very large blackish-gray cloud over parts of my town. When we got close to the International Airport, the sky started to fall! One of my sons took a few pictures from a cell phone camera...
...then he gave me the phone and asked me to take a picture to show how little could be seen. This was surely a gray day.
View from the side of the car.
When we got home, we found that the creek had overflowed the bridge. I just KNEW this would happen one of these days, and it did. How did I know? Well, the town mayor got impatient one day and had the municipality widen the bridge, which was good. The BAD part was that they only allowed 2 large pipes for water flow under the bridge. I've lived here for 22 years and know how that creek can grow. Those holes weren't going to be enough to hold the water should the ground become saturated and lots of rain were to fall. And so, it happened.

The water was started to recede when we reached it. It was about one foot over the bridge, or maybe 9 inches. We went over anyway, because this is a vein of the main creek. Had it been the main creek, we would have headed over to my Mom's house for a while, I think, to wait for the waters to go down.

Can't imagine how Noah felt, waiting for a world flood to go down. And this was not even because of a hurricane. What was left of Tropical Wave Josephine had already passed us, although I might be mistaken.

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