Thursday, May 12, 2016

It's Twilight Time...

It's cooler here this twilight, thank God for that. I just made a chicken soup for mom, and chile con carne for the menfolk. The dogs ate, then I got the ointment box out. Slinky saw it and lay down as if I had shot him or something.  I put the ointment in Slinky's eyes, and he acted like I was killing him. As soon as it was over, he said, "Okay! Gimme some broccoli!" and I said, "I never promised you any."

Slinky: "But you ALWAYS give me broccoli after you put that stuff in my eyes!"

Me: "That doesn't mean I have to give you broccoli."

Slinky: "Jeff! She said "broccoli"!!! She said "broccoli"!!! Yippeee!!!! We're getting broccoli! We're getting broccoli!!" and off he dashed to the kitchen, was waiting for me, dancing around in the kitchen
, and seeing as how I got duped, I gave in and tossed him a piece of broccoli. Then Jeff showed and looked at me.

Jeffy: "Did some one say "broccoli"?

Me: "I didn't give you any medications, Jeff. I gave Slinky some and he got broccoli, that's all."

Jeffy: "I"m ready for mine!" and sat down in attention.

So, of course, I had to give him some, too. I don't know how it happens that no matter which one gets medicine, they BOTH get treats.

A dog's life is a great thing, ain't it!

(Slinky after I put ointment in his eyes. Doesn't he look pathetic?)

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