Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I Like Boring Days

*(:| yawn I like boring days... *(:| yawn

It means that the dogs haven't treed a cat (and I have to save it).
It means that Son #1 isn't stranded Somewhere with the keys in the trunk (I can't find the spare!).
It means Son #2 has no health problems.
It means Beloved Husband is coming home early.
It means that even the reports I proofread are tedious= no having to call Adult Protective Services because another senior is being abused.
It means Mom's sugar hasn't gone down and fallen.
It means Slinky isn't running down the street like a nut, and me chasing (yeah, right!) after him.
It means no calls from son's girlfriend that a tire exploded in the middle of a freeway.
It means that the cat isn't going to suddenly jump on Mom's lap and freak her out.
It means Beloved Husband's family hasn't shown up unannounced when my house is a wreck, esp. if Slinky "didn't make it" and "it" is in the entrance.

It means just another peaceful day, with a warm breeze (haha, BFD) coming from the not-so-distant sea, it beckons me.
It means I can sit and make my daughter, who is expecting, a nice neck warmer.
It means I can listen to a soothing voice read the Bible while I make the neck warmer.
It means I can dream nice dreams, placid dreams, beach dreams, heaven dreams, any dreams.

*(:| yawn*(:| yawn*(:| yawn

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