Monday, April 8, 2013

I Can Crochet...


I can't sew. Not really. Even putting a ribbon on a dress is distressing, no pun intended. I have been here, close to half an hour, trying to "sew" this ribbon on straight to this dress, and this is all I've been able to do. I'm already perspiring (ladies don't sweat) and am feeling somewhat anxious. There is so much more to do and then I have to sew on the flower! And a bow!


It must be The Monday Curse. At least, I choose to blame Monday for this. If it were Tuesday, then it would be Tuesday's fault. I feel like packing everything up and just sending as is to the new mother. I suppose it wouldn't be far, because, to my knowledge, she can't sew either. Nor can she crochet.

I'm going to eat some lunch and see if I can tackle this thing properly later on today.


Elenita Rivera Repollet said...

Lol you sound just like me. I try to crochet no sew items. I have an eternal fight with my sewing machine.

River Glorious said...

Hello, Elenita. I placed it in the box w/o sewing. I did manage to wind the rest of the ribbon in the eyelet row, but that took close to an hour and I gave up on the sewing part. :)

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