Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Sundries and Daytona 500

I don't know when we started watching NASCAR racing, but we did, in the 90's. I remember going to Michaels and seeing little race cars and I bought two, one for each son: a Dale Earnhardt car for Son #1, and Jeff Gordon for Son #2. And I had no idea who they were.

At some point, they both became our favorite race car drivers. I think Michael Jordan was still playing basketball, somewhere, and we no longer had basketball parties at home. The people from church loved them. Rather, the men from church loved them. They all got together and I fed them. Lots and lots of goodies, and especially cheesecake. I would bake different kinds, plain cheesecake. Then I learned how to make chocolate swirl cheesecake. One day I made almond cheesecake. Then I made orange cheesecake. The best was pumpkin cheesecake, only it made no sense to eat pumpkin pie afterwards, we found out.

And vanilla bean icecream on top. And coffee. Real coffee. The you're-gonna-stay-awake-for-a-week coffee if you're not used to this kind of coffe. It should have more hyphens, but I'm lazy today.
The people here don't go for NASCAR as much as basketball or baseball, but we like it a lot.We watch the Nationwide series, too and yesterday, at the end of the race, there was a crash. Tony Stewart won but he wasn't celebrating. Alan Bestwick sounded so sober, there were no replays of the end, just low-key commenting and Eddie said, "I bet something terrible happened!" The driver ended up with 1/3 of his car, but he walked away, thanks to the safety features implemented after Dale Sr.'s death.

I hope all the fans who were injured are recovering... It's so sad. God keep safe the drivers and crews and fans today, too. Amen.
I'll be working on something that Fearless Boss sent. Says he will pay me extra for this. That remains to be seen. ( Sunday is a day of rest, Mr. Fearless Boss, sir!)

And I'll be loom knitting a baby hat because there's an abundance of babies lately and they are all born HATLESS. This situation has to be remedied post-haste! :) This color, called "Passion" is for a girl. I'll be making another one in a navy blue for a boy. And then baby booties, too.
Speaking of cheesecake, I have the ingredients to mix one up. That's ONE thing I can make, at least, even if I'm a failure at pancakes. Although, from what people were posting, millet flour is not tastey at all.

Have a blessed and peaceful Sunday!


Lois Evensen said...

What a fun post! Enjoy the races and I love seeing what you are making. Those hatless babies will love your hats. :)

River Glorious said...

Thanks for stopping by~

Ambar de Mejia said...

Forgot to tell ya, I done found the hat fer the bairn the other day. Thanks!