Friday, January 11, 2013

Undecided with Border of Crochet WIP

I can't decide if this border is going to work, the squares, I mean. I suppose it's the white that's bothering me. What do you think?

Here it is with a blue border around the squares:
Testing out the border


Tammy Algiere said...

I love the blue granny on its own but with the smaller squares its also very nice. I was wondering will the smaller grannys be it or will you go back to the blue? If the smaller are the end I think I like the blue alone best. Its very pretty!

River Glorious said...

At this point, I'm still undecided. Maybe I'll ask the grandmother of the baby, what she thinks... I think I like the blue alone, and may be add another round of yellow .

Cat24 said...

It is a beautiful blanket Ambar. I really like the large granny square and the colout of blue u chose is such a soft colour of blue.


Paula said...

I LOVE the blue granny and yellow trim would look very pretty. I would stop there and use the other blocks for another blanket. You have a lovely blanket now.

jd said...

the little granny squares are nice - but not needed to complete the larger blue with yellow trim. i like it on its own! so pretty. save those smaller grannies for some other project.

jd in st louis

River Glorious said...

Cat and Paula: Several people have told me to finish the blue blankie in blue and yellow and to save the white squares for a different one. I'm leaning towards that. Thank you both.

Caroline Kunkel said...

I love the squares. They make it so much more dynamic!!! Great work

Caroline in Virginia Beach

Robin said...

Hi There..I like the gives such a soft comfy feel...what a great idea..!kind of billowy and light...cant wait to see when its finished..!

River Glorious said...

Robin, I've been Yahooed, so could not answer your email. I continued with the blue, because the neighbor is SO HUGE she looks like she's going to have her baby any minute now.

She no longer walks, she waddles, poor thing. It's long work, maybe I'll make some baby booties and keep the blanket, finishing it at leisure.

Thanks for peeking in! Can't wait to see the finished afghan you are making. :)