Monday, August 20, 2012

My Danny Boy is Gone...

My Danny Boy is gone again, to PA.  I hope he can register on time to start the new semester.  Things sure are quiet when he isn't around and I really really miss him. My Danny Boy, he keeps me worried all day long, and what a delight and a torment he is!

Today Fearless Boss called me twice.  I don't know why he would make two calls so close to one another (that does not sound grammatically correct).  He must have something on his mind.  He's insanely private but I know when he's thinking or concerned about something because he will call me a lot and talk about anything.  I don't ask him because it's none of my business anyway.  Although an announcement that he is going to send me some cookies is a good thing.  I hope they don't contain any corn products.  He says the picture on the box is the same as the ones I'm able to eat:
If I don't go overboard, I can tolerate this.  And it's great eating something I don't have to make from scratch!  Where did "make from scratch" come from, anyway?  It sounds funny.

Well, back to work.  Employers have this sense that you have to actually DO some work in order to get paid, haha, so that's what I'm going to have to do.  Already prepared a prelim report, and now have to update the patient list.  Then send the other company patient list and I guess I'm a free woman for the rest of the day.  Which I'll spend either crocheting, or trying to tidy up the house.  One of these days it will actually BE tidy, all at the same time.

(Yeah, right!)


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