Sunday, August 12, 2012

America, The Beautiful!

Katharine Lee Bates' poem was printed in "The Congregationalist" for Independence Day, July 4, 1895, her inspiration from Pikes Peak... and it is wonderful!

O Beautiful for Spacious Skies,
For Amber Waves of Grain,
For Purple Mountain Majesties
Above the Fruited Plain!

America! America!
God Shed His Grace on Thee
And Crowned Thy Good with Brotherhood
From Sea to Shining Sea!

O Beautiful for Pilgrims Feet,
Whose Stern Impassioned Stress
A Thoroughfare for Freedom Beat
Across the Wilderness!

America! America!
God Mend Thy Every Flaw,
Confirm Thy Soul in Self-Control
Thy Liberty in Law!

O Beautiful for Heros Proved
In Liberating Strife,
Who More Than Self Their Country Loved,
And Mercy More Than Life!

America! America!
May God Thy Gold Refine
Till All Success Be Nobleness
And Every Gain Divine!

O Beautiful for Patriots Dream
That Sees Beyond the Years
Thine Alabaster Cities Gleam
Undimmed by Human Tears!

America! America!
God Shed His Grace On Thee
And Crown Thy Good With Brotherhood
From Sea to Shining Sea!

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