Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hello, Humans!

We are having another scorcher.  It's already in the 90's here, at almost 2 PM, and getting hotter.  AJ says that watering the roof with water will cool off the house.  I might try it.  I did it yesterday but didn't notice any difference.

We have more "bruma" which is a haze, from the dust clouds that come from the Sahara Desert.  It makes the heat even worse, is a dust cloud, and it also has fungus and sometimes bacteria, so asthmatics and people with high allergies are advised to stay indoors as much as possible.

I hate being closed in with no fresh air, but if it gets worse, I'll turn the a/c on, since I am down to 4 capsules of compounded allergy medicine, it costs close to 85 dollars to buy and ship it in, and about a week for the process.  I'd better call those people so they can fill the order.

I think I'll make some more cookies, since I don't have any safe fruits and am craving something sweet.  Who knows, maybe at some point I'll make something that I don't have to dub "Rocks" !!

Hope everybody is nice and comfortable in your side of the hemisphere.

Afterwards, I think I'll prepare more chicken soup, and of course, will have to prepare dinner for the family.  I hope I can go and crochet afterwards.  I've already prepared some fermented veggies, and added some of the leftover juice from the previous batch, which will accelerate the fermentation process.  If you need a probiotic, this works.  It helps when you've had the runnies, too. Took me a while to get used to the taste, but now I like it.

This is terribly long...

:) happy


Lois Evensen said...


So sorry to hear about all of that heat. We'll be coming back to your area next week. It's beautiful, but you are so right about the heat!

It's lovely here, thanks. We took a brunch cruise today on the Ohio River. Very, very nice. It will get hot here, too, while we are away this time. We'll be home in late August so the weather will be nice here again.

Stay cool, my friend.


River Glorious said...

It's the dust cloud that makes it worse, Lois... but we were told it's blowing out tomorrow, so we'll have blue skies again and I'll be able to go outside.

I went outside, although in the carport (it's not enclosed) for a few minutes and already am losing my voice. That dust is poison!

Being on the open seas is going to be delicious! :)