Friday, June 22, 2012

Today I Got Really Mad... my Eddie.

The reason why is really not that important, but what IS important is that while I was steaming, and slowly simmering on my way to either boiling point or "The Cold Shoulder" I realized:  Life is short, and this really isn't so important.  Not really.  I can just forget this "offense" and keep on and send my husband off to work, smiling, and having him lovingly smiling at me in return.

Why make an issue out of something we can talk about later on, and he will understand.  He always does.  Even when he doesn't, because if it's important to me, it's important to him.  And vice versa.  

So, it's gone. And I'm glad.  And I'll get even, too.  When he walks into the house, looking to see in which room I am, I am going to let him have it.  I'm going to hit him with a pillow. angel

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