Sunday, August 21, 2011

T. S. Irene Is Upon Us

...and we can feel the bands of winds coming.  It's already affecting the eastern part of the island and we are expecting hurricane-force winds in most if not all, of the island.  I can hear the creek above the clamor of birds screeching and screaming next door, and the tree frogs are unusually quiet.  I do hear a few, but they seem to be paused, cautious, as if waiting for something, just as we are.  The "reinitas" or warblers, as my sister Nelly tells me they're called, are also quiet, but they usually settle down during the late afternoon.

This is no Hurricane Hugo, thanks to the Lord, and we have water, candles, supplies, and food.  Now I am hoping that my Eddie will come home soon, since he went to my Mom's house to help close the windows that are stuck open.  

I pray all children are home safe, and that the homeless, likewise, are in shelters or at the home of a friend or sympathetic stranger.


Lois Evensen said...

We hope you are safe and well!!!!

River Glorious said...

Thanks! We still have electricity and internet. This storm has slowed down and seems to be gathering strength. I hope it does not turn into a hurricane.