Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update for 5/19/2011

bug  bug  bug

The news is, there is no new news.  I'm about the same, semper eadum, which is a good thing, in the sense that I am no better, but I'm no worse, either.

Mom is better, though.  She is walking down to the end of the street, twice, as her daily exercise.  She has done this 3 times all ready, by herself.  I think she's proud of that.  I'm very glad that she's more strong.  Mom does seem to be moving here, slowly but surely.  She goes home and comes back with more stuff, and never mentions going home again.  That's okay with me.  I just worry I can't cook every night on account of my health, but then she can make herself a sandwich, which is okay.

I'm tired, all the time.  And sleepy.  And tired. But, I can function.  We lose things, little by little, and life is scary with the unknowns, but I can feel (not sure I should use the word "feel"), or perceive a Tower, of Strength.  I cannot really say I feel God is here, but I know He is here, which is more important than any feelings I may be experiencing.  I'm so glad it's not about my feelings, but about the steadfast Lord Jesus Christ, in my life, and knowing that beyond there is Something Better for me.

Thanks for reading this.

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