Friday, December 24, 2010

Another Earthquake Here on the Island

But the government is saying there is no need to panic, but, because the quake was on the land and not in the ocean, that there is no tsunami threat.  It was 5.4 on the Richter Scale and reached 350 miles around the island.

I thought my son was ramming the glass sliding door with the car, but the car was not touching.  My daughter said, "No Mom, it's a quake! "  I was surprised, because I didn't feel it at all, but I certainly HEARD it and it shook the glass very hard.

big hug How are you all doing, my friends? big hug

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Lois Evensen said...

My goodness, I am glad you are OK. We get Fox Puerto Rico here on the ship and I didn't hear anything about it. I guess we didn't have it on at the right time. We have had a great deal going on here.

Take care, my friend, and be safe.