Thursday, November 11, 2010

Heart of a Warrior-by Tony Perkins

Heart of a Warrior

by Tony Perkins, of the Family Research Council

Ninety-two years ago today, when Americans celebrated the end of World War I, people hoped it would be the day that ended all wars. Unfortunately, that wasn't to be. Since that first Veterans' Day, hundreds of thousands of brave men and women have worn the uniforms of the United States military in defense not just of our liberty, but of the liberties of countless nations and people around the world. In peacetime and in war, our soldiers have missed birthdays, Christmases, and other memories with their families in order to protect ours. From the Greatest Generation to the troops serving today in Iraq, Afghanistan, and posts abroad, we are profoundly grateful to so many of you who have dedicated your lives--and the lives of your families--to preserving America's ideals. As a veteran of the Marine Corps, I thank God that our nation has been blessed with an effective, dedicated force that's freed the world from some of history's fiercest enemies. There were no guarantees in 1776 that America would make it to 2010 as a free nation. That freedom had to be protected every day by courageous citizens, who often paid the ultimate price. Today, we honor that sacrifice--and pray God's protection on the red, white, and blue. "Each soldier is a fortress; united we defend/The right our fathers died for, eternal without end."

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