Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Getting Cold and Snowflakes in the Tropics


It's starting to get cold here.  I'm sure it's cooler than 83ºF.  Go ahead and laugh, smile, whatever you want, I would be wearing long sleeves right now if it weren't for the itchiness anything too close to my skin causes.

I've been making a crochet snowflake.  The hardest part is Rounds 1 to 3, because there is nothing to grab, but then, that always happens when I use thread.  Plus, I have to get used to it all over again.  Still, here it is, and it's going to someone who lives here on the island.  :)


♥Caroline♥ said...

I don't think i could have the patience for something like that...

River Glorious said...

Caro, you make these large afghans and then turn around and say you wouldn't have the patience to make a little snowflake? haha! I don't make afghans... well, hardly ever... hee hee!