Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Crochet Granny Triangle

Just makes me feel good when I see the beautiful things people have made using my granny triangle instructions:

Isn't it lovely?



♥Caroline♥ said...

It's beautiful!!! very unique!

River Glorious said...

Yes, the colors she chose are great. Makes me want to make another one, but I already have 4 shawls. :)

Marie Anne said...

Thanks for the link back to what I'm making with your triangle instructions. I still need just a bit more of the blue in order to finish, and I can't find that color anywhere! I'm just a few rows short of it being large enough for me and I'm very frustrated.

River Glorious said...

Well, it's just beautiful. :) HOpe you can get that blue you need. I think blue is one of my favorite colors. :)