Monday, June 21, 2010

My Plant is Flowering

I still don't know what this is, if an Iris or a lily or what.  All I know is that it takes years for it to bloom, and once it blooms, it does so once a year, one per plant.  I went about 20 years or so to the center of the island, to Orocovis, and we went up to the mountain, to a property that my father-in-law had.  His wife gave me a little plant.  I never knew what it would look like, but I'm glad i accepted it.

I don't know why the other plants are not flowering, though.  I think I'll transfer those to the front of the house, just to see what happens.


Lois Evensen said...

Those look like Japanese Iris to me. Check out the Google Images for those and see if they seem to match. I have had them here in Cincinnati so know they grow here. Very pretty.

River Glorious said...

Lois, another friend also thinks this is a Japanese Iris. But, the petals are thinner. How in tarnation did that thing get all the way up in the sticks of Puerto Rico? I mean, when Puerto Ricans want to go to the country, the sticks, they go to Orocovis. When folks in Orocovis want to go to the countryside, they go to my husband's area... where I found that plant. Sheesh.