Saturday, May 8, 2010

Crochet Shawl

It needs a dark border, to frame it.  I'm making this for Aunt Raquel, who was recently operated on to remove cancer tumors.  I'm going to put a green border on it.  It looked fine until I took the picture and now I can "see it with other eyes" and see the flaws.

Like when you see a picture of your house and realize that it's a mess.


Lisa said...

I think it's beautiful and don't see any errors.

River Glorious said...

thank you, lisa. i just think that it is asking for a color border. it makes sense in Spanish, so i hope that the phrase will translate into English, too.

thank you for looking!

God's blessings.

Paula said...

I think it's a lovely shawl, though I think you are right in saying it needs that green border to set it off!

Hope your Aunt recovers quickly from her surgery and has no further problems.

All the best, Paula in the UK

Lois Evensen said...

It's beautiful! I don't see any problems. It is just love lovely.


♥Caroline♥ said...

lovely, i am sure she will love it!

Gail said...

Beautiful work, Enid! I'm sure the green trim really sets it off (BTW - what flaws? Bet your aunt doesn't see any!)
Gail in Va Beach

River Glorious said...

Well, "flaws" in the sense of stepping back and see it in a picture, or from afar. My house looks fine until I am expecting guests. Then suddenly, oh my, it hasn't been painted in over 10 years. Or, that leaky faucet, or, that wall needs a painting or a decoration (which I can't afford anyway) or the stain on the chain never bothered me until I heard the door knock...


Well, the shawl looked perfectly fine until I saw the picture of it. Suddenly, I realized it look naked. So, it needs a color to frame it, and I choose green because it is a quiet color.