Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

It's been a Beautiful Sunday, such a contrast to yesterday.  Yesterday it poured for over an hour, and we had thunder and lightening, very close.  Even Missy was nervous, and she is always scared.

AJ called us and said that he could see the creek from our bedroom doorway.  We could hear it, too.  The creek is about 50 feet or more away and then 20 feet down, so to see it, and our windows don't start from the bottom, means that's there is a flash flood.  I saw tree trunks, small coolers, bamboo stalks, cans, and just so much stuff pass by, and so quickly, too, that is was scary.  The water came all the way up to my fence, although not to the top of it.  We have regular metal fencing, held put by cement and blocks.  It even reached up to the leaves of the guava tree beyond my fence.  It was fascinating, though.

Today, bright and sunny, and even hot so that I asked Eddie to turn on the a/c in the living room. One of these days he is going to have to install it.

We're watching the NASCAR race.  I'm just here, doing nothing.  The nerve pain in my abdomen is back, and hasbeen for over a week.  I had to take the medicine again, but it did not relieve the pain enough.  I can live with pain, but this was intolerable.  I don't know how to say it in English.  "Insoportable."  So, the doctor prescribed 400 miligrams of Neurontin, instead of 300 and now I can function somewhat.  I'm taking two a day, and praying that the Lord will heal me, since He's healed me before, from other illnesses.  

I can't hear the creek now, it's peaceful, just the coqui choir outside, in spite of the noise the a/c makes.  I am thankful that I was able to go to church.  there's a lot of love over there, always waiting for me.

We arrived late, and as we were getting out of the car, a young woman and a young girl were getting out also, and placing babies in a buggy to go to church, too.  I didn't actually see her notice him, but I do know she did, and I thought to myself, "She is going to wind up sitting beside AJ."

Guess what?

After the service, a lot of people were greeting me, and when I finally made my way to Eddie, who was sitting beside Frank, our pastor, AJ was playing guitar and the teenager from the parking lot was seated beside him, fiddling with a cell phone as if she happened to have been there, but I knew better, and Honorable Son #2 confirmed that she sat beside him in the music room, and when more people came in for a meeting, and he went to find his dad and sit close to him, she followed and sat beside him.


I just don't know if AJ really noticed her, but I guess he did, because he was playing his best.


I displayed considerable restraint, though, you know, I didn't tease him at all.  He can't really take it.  Not so the Danny Boy.  Dan will give as good as he gets and then raise you double.  I really think he should continue to pursue a career in Law, he is that good, and even his professors say he should.

This post is becoming dreadfully long.  That's what happens when I take this medicine, I chat a lot, and also get very chatty.


Lois Evensen said...

It's nice when you chat a lot. :) It's nice to read your posts.

Have a great Memorial Day!

Linnea "Ea" Grönstrand said...

I'm not minding the "chatty" thing at all either :P
You "see" (or perhaps 'read', I don't know which word is better to use) the personality of the other person so much better when they do.

Oh, and I just have to ask, since I still suffer slightly from back pains (I slipped a disk back in the beginning of the summer of 2009) how you got your injury? Accident, genetic disposition, or from something else? (Sorry, it's my inner biochemist wanting to know, so if you don't want to tell, its okay!)


Oh, and I will accept your challenge to plant a kitchen garden! In fact, I propose the following:

1. Official "construction" of the garden will begin on Monday and we'll have the whole rest of the month to get it exactly in the shape we want it to be.

2. Pictures of the progress MUST be posted at regular intervals on our blogs, so that the neither of us can slack off and fall behind.
The pictures should show the following:
- the PLAN
- the construction
- the garden in all its finished glory

Oh, and needless to say, we can both ask people to help us :P No sense in not being able to ask for help, right?

River Glorious said...

Ea, it is not known for sure why I have this pain in my abdomen. Two of my doctors say it's from a nerve, I forget what number it is, and they are not sure what is causing the pain.

It could be from arthritis in my back, or an overactive nerve randomly sending pain signals to the brain, or the last possibility is a long scientific name which would cause me nerve pain in my tongue to try to pronounce, haha!

Either way, it started in 2001, some time after I used a very large pick (term in English?). I cannot say for sure that was the trigger. There are no triggers, it comes and goes and there is no telling when it will come back, nothing emotional nor physical seems to trigger it.

Well, I have to transcribe half a month of notes for my employer, bye 4:30 today. I am going to murder my boss one of these days. No, not really, but I would like to give him a hard shaking!