Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Almost Done with Aunt Rachel's Crochet Shawl And God's Forgiveness

It REALLY needed that green border.  These colors show up as true, unlike the previous photo, which made the colors look brighter than they really are.

I made it with half double crochets.  I don't like making hdc, but they are useful to me.  A double crochet border would have sort of spread and ruffled a bit, but the hdc is neater.  I did crochet two rounds of the border, and now it is nicely framed.

Still think it would have been a nicer afghan than a shawl.  But, this is it.  I'm almost done and hope to have it delivered by a daughter of hers this weekend.

Have you ever had to unravel (or commonly known as "frog") a crochet piece?  Hours and days of work just disappear, just like in the Tom and Jerry cartoons.  It ceases to be a crocheted piece, like a hat, or a sweater, and suddenly is nothing.  Well, not "nothing" just ceases to be what it was.  It's string again.  Or yarn, take your pick.

God's forgiveness is like that.  Each sin, like an imperfect stitch, is unraveled by the hand of the Creator, and ceases to be a stitch.  It's now useless string.  Only in OUR case, it just ceases to be.

Oh, you pay the consequences of your sin, yes, but in God's eyes, they do not exist anymore, once He forgives you.  I think about this often when I crochet.  I am going to make a video of unraveling, just so you can have some fun seeing something disappear!  :D  :D  :D

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♥Caroline♥ said...

It's beautiful!!! she will be so delighted.

And i do know what you mean..

TerryAnn said...

The shawl is beautiful. And I love the forgiveness story. God "frogs" my life over and over and over again.

wendy said...

dear river..............your work is must have taken forever to complete....puerto rico is one of the places i always wanted to visit...but illness stopped my life very more work (nurse), no travel, am now home bound but crochet saved me from going insane and now i too sit and think about my jesus as i work. i am a catholic convert since 2001 and i dont know how i lived without my beautiful faith before Mary took my hand and led me to the church. sorry to ramble on. ill watch for your future works. bless you. wendy in ohio USA

Sherrie said...

It's Beautiful!! I love that green border. Sets it of nicely. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening.

Sherrie's Crochet Stuff

grammi said...

Soooo beautiful. Muy muy bonita. I don't know why but this was in my spam file. You're so talented Ambar. Please do make a video about frogging. I think it will help many who have to do that.

God Bless


VaCrocheter said...

Absolutely beautiful! I think it would make a gorgeous afghan as well, but it's stunning as a shawl.