Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yesterday's Crochet Granny Square And Spiderman Afghan Update

I made this granny square yesterday.  I have the leaflet, somewhere, but don't recall the name of it.  I weaved in the ends this morning.  This makes 5 squares, and I don't know if I will make more.  I am just cruising here, waiting for the pain to go away, and doing some rounds on the Spiderman afghan, basically mindless crochet, while I watch Pygmalion (1938, by George Bernard Shaw).  If you've seen My Fair Lady, this is the 1938 movie.  I really enjoy seeing the difference between both movies, how the Audrey Hepbourn movie was set at the turn-of-the-century 1900's vs this movie, which looks almost contemporary.

There is a crocheter who is looking for a good way to join his granny squares.  I wonder how THIS afghan will be joined.  There is:

  1. slip stitching on the right side
  2. slip stitching on the wrong side (hides the joining)
  3. single crochet joining on the right side- makes a sort of frame around each square
  4. whip stitch, back loops only- makes for an almost invisible joining
  5. whip stitch both loops- shows the joining and can be part of the color scheme
  6. Priscilla Hewitt's braid joining (link to come) which is nice and lacey
  7. join-as-you-go joining- you join with a single crochet or slip stitch at the end of each round of granny square
  8. there's another method, which I don't remember but hope to add later

Do tell me which one you prefer and why.  Thanks a bunch!


P.S.  Here's the Spiderman Afghan so far:


Linnea "Ea" Grönstrand said...

Hi River :)

If I must pick my fav 3 joinings, they would be:
1. single crochet (because I like the way it frames the squares)
2. slip stitch on the wrong side (because it's quite discreet)
3. this joining I found in a book and is trying out on a granny square blanket I'm working on right now.
I so hope your headache will disappear and that you'll feel better! There's nothing worse than constant pain, I know.

Anonymous said...

Love these 2. Both are very nicely done, and very creative. Will you be posting a pattern or the instructions soon? WOuld love to make the spiderman afghan to donate. That is all I do anymore is make stuff to donate.
Michelle T